Client Testimonials

Current and former clients of Attorney Barbara E. Keon find her work superior, her approach professional, and her commitment sincere.

Mike McLaughlin, DVM

Owner, Animal Medical Center of Cumming

Barbara Keon has assisted me with several legal issues over the past several years. She has shown the utmost professionalism and has always been exceptionally responsive to my needs. She has always been very upfront and clear about my options and has helped guide me through difficult circumstances. I have referred several of my friends and colleagues to her over the years and the reports I have always received back have confirmed that my experiences have not been unique. I would give her the highest recommendation."

Russ McCall

CEO, Atlanta Foods International
Former CEO, Atlanta Wines International

I am one of Ms. Keon's strong supporters when recalling my divorce process. She was always better prepared in Court than the opposition and prevailed. I was grateful for her excellent advice and calm and persistent manner in dealing with difficult attorneys on the other side. The end result was the acceptance of an offer almost identical to the one originally extended earlier in the case."

Marlene Blocker

Former Wife of PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner

Divorce is such a difficult time. You are leaving a relationship where you have been harmed and are left with the feelings of abuse, distrust, betrayal, and regrets. At one of the lowest points in my life, Barbara Keon was a ‘God send’. I like to give positive personal referrals to professionals I deal with, and Barbara Keon is one professional I strongly recommend.

Ms. Keon is exactly what I was looking for and in actuality far exceeded my expectations. She took on my divorce case as it was being forced to an unacceptable, inequitable, and premature end. The services I received were of the highest quality. I needed an honest and ethical attorney with the integrity and communication skills to help me understand my realistic legal options and the possible outcome scenarios at the late stage of my complicated divorce. Barbara and her outstanding staff consistently under promised and over delivered, all the while keeping me informed of any updates in my case.

I was actually treated as a valued client and not as a one time revenue source. Throughout this process, Barbara kept me informed of her fair and reasonable billing estimates to help me make informed and economical decisions. There was never a single billing surprise.

Each step taken in my case was carefully researched and the next step strategically planned and actions methodically taken based on the current situation while never losing sight of the long term goal. Because of Barbara's experience, knowledge, and ability to stay focused on our agreed upon strategy, she was able to take what seemed to be an almost ‘hopeless case’ to a point at which the divorce case is over and the last few loose ends neatly tied.

I will be forever grateful to Ms. Keon for taking on my case, her hard work, perseverance, and knowledge of the law. My only regret is that I did not hire Barbara earlier in the divorce process. I would highly recommend her to anyone I care about.”

(Name withheld at Client's request)

Corporate Attorney

Barbara Keon represented me in a long and complicated high-conflict divorce and custody battle. Throughout this difficult process, I always felt like I was in very capable hands. Barbara's knowledge of the law and experience with high-conflict divorce, custody, and other family law matters truly impressed me. I strongly believe that her knowledge and experience, combined with her advocacy and genuine care for the needs and concerns of her clients, are what set her apart from other lawyers. From start to finish, Barbara and her team, Tracie and Jennifer, went above and beyond -- always making me feel heard and understood. Barbara is an exceptional lawyer with an incredible team, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her law firm to anyone going through a difficult divorce."

Trevor Hymel

Restaurant Manager

Working with Barbara Keon during such a difficult period of my life was reassuring. She handled each aspect of my divorce with professionalism and dedication. Her attention to detail was incredible and acutely displayed during trial. Her staff mirrors her organization and dedication."

Ann White, R.N.

Registered Nurse, Northside Hospital

Barbara Keon is, above all else, better prepared than the opposition. In retrospect, her mediation of my divorce was a beautiful thing to behold, and my future is much better for having had her representation. She is formidable in her knowledge of divorce law, mediation preparation, and what will or will not be accepted by the court, should court be the unfortunate forum for defining a settlement. Barbara’s calm, confident and professional demeanor helped me deal with the stress and intimidation I was experiencing during a long divorce process. I recommend her highly!"

Michael L. Howard, D.D.S.

Laser, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry

Barbara represented me during my divorce in a very professional manner. Throughout the process, I had great confidence in her abilities at all times. She lived up to her reputation of fighting for a client's interests and getting the job done."

Lisa Hunter


I was very impressed with how Barbara thinks on her feet. She represented me in a relentless, gutsy way and I was extremely pleased that I had selected her as my legal counsel. She brought up points that I would never have had the courage to say. She's aggressive, diligent and very committed to going all out for her clients."

Gary Curtis

Airline Pilot

Barbara was very professional throughout my divorce case. She was appropriately aggressive in her approach and very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I am very pleased with how she handled my case and the situations related to it. My comments about Barbara are all extremely positive."

Kari Vaughn

Working Mother
Owner, Tangerine Collection, Inc.

Barbara Keon provided me with outstanding representation and secured a better future for me and my children. Her incredible knowledge of the law, especially pertaining to child custody and parenting plans, helped to resolve a very difficult and tough situation regarding my parenting plan and financial needs. I am incredibly grateful for her concern for the safety and well-being of my children and, because of her attention to my difficult case, we are now living a good and balanced life. I would recommend Barbara because she is efficient, strong, and unafraid to tackle even the hardest cases, but most importantly she gets things done ethically and efficiently. Nothing gets by her. I appreciated her tenacity, and her support team is fantastic!!"

Bill Johnston

Business Owner

Going through a divorce is a difficult time and having competent, professional legal counsel is one way to make it an easier experience. Working with Barbara certainly made my experience more positive. She was extremely professional and very responsive. I relied on her for legal advice and for coordinating the documentation and legal aspects of the case. We wound up settling the case and I was very satisfied with the results."

Jo Ann West

Pediatric Physician Assistant

Barbara Keon was recommended to me as a competent, caring divorce lawyer. Throughout the next year of failed mediations, excessive delays, and unnecessary paperwork (created by my ex), Barbara remained calm, focused, and professional. Her grasp of the law and consideration for my costs in the divorce process were reassuring. She listened to me and let me have input in the process. Barbara encouraged me to be an active participant in my case, which allowed me to reduce my legal fees. I gathered information and did a lot of the footwork. She was very considerate of the billing time we accumulated. I feel that the time I was billed for was fair and truly represented the time that was productively spent on my case. I enjoyed working with her as an individual. She was always very courteous, well-prepared and extremely well-versed in the law. I would recommend her to others without hesitation."

(Name withheld at Client's request)

President/CEO, Energy Efficiency Technology Services Company

Barbara is a first-rate family law attorney. Her legal acumen is unparalleled, and she works tirelessly for the benefit of her clients. Barbara handled my case with passion, with integrity, and with an eye toward delivering the best possible results, keeping me and my child's best interests in mind. It's my sincere privilege to recommend Barbara to those who find themselves in need of a talented, experienced family law attorney."

Nina Waters

Contract Negotiator, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Barbara Keon handled my divorce case with professionalism and dedication. She was always well prepared and far beyond her opposition. She stays very calm and focused based on her knowledge of divorce law, experience, and always keeping up with changes that would impact divorce cases placed in her care. She worked extremely hard with me to reach a divorce settlement that she was confident a court of law would support, not a settlement based on my anger. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend her services to any of my friends. She helped me deal with all the stress of this process, and I am far better today than I have been for years, emotionally and financially. Thank You to Barbara and her wonderful staff."

Alex Kim

President/CEO and Founder, EBD Group, Inc.

I would absolutely recommend Ms. Keon to others. When I first met her, I immediately knew she was the correct attorney for my case. She was direct in answering all my questions with clear answers, while I asked the same questions to my former attorney but never got direct clear answers for almost six months. Ms. Keon made me feel comfortable as I was able to talk freely about all aspects of my case. Throughout my divorce process, she was responsive to all my calls and emails in a timely matter, and her paralegals are very nice and helpful too. Ms. Keon always explained all of my options to me, and then advised me as to the best course of action with my best interests in mind. Although Ms. Keon had to deal with three opposing attorneys in my case through letters, emails, phone calls, mediation, and even at courtroom, I believe in her because she knows how to beat them down with her knowledge, professional experience, and sagacity. She can exactly speak out what I wanted to say as a sharp knife pointing to the other party. Without Ms. Keon, my divorce case would not have turned out as favorable as it did."

S.L. Martin

Admissions Director, Private Christian School

In a very stressful and difficult time, I was grateful to have Barbara Keon by my side. She is a dedicated, competent, and a true professional at all times. Being well-prepared and knowledgeable is crucial, and Barbara Keon continually went the extra mile to cover all aspects of the case. I had such confidence in her ability and her 25 years of experience is priceless. You will not regret retaining her as your attorney."

Dean Matteson Collins

Pilot, Delta Air Lines

Barbara is a superb lawyer and worth every penny. She handled my high-conflict and volatile divorce with aplomb and her foresight in heading off small things before they became big things was invaluable. I could not have chosen a better attorney for my situation."

Clive Howard Leigh

CFO, Anantara Vacation Club, Thailand

Barbara expertly guided me through the process which culminated in my divorce being resolved at mediation. At mediation I found she, and her small team, were well prepared and represented my interests extremely well. Her efforts put me in a position to sign mutually agreeable Settlement Agreement and avoided a costly trial with an uncertain outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Thomas Moore

Owner, Resilient Books LLC

When negotiations and circumstances are their most trying and difficult, I have seen Barbara raise her focus and attention to a level that could almost be touched. I have seen her make the spiritual tangible. If clarity is what you seek, Barbara is your attorney."

Laura Dobrotka

Practice Administrator, KPMG LLP

I am so thankful I had Barbara and her team on my side during my post-divorce child visitation modification case. They were all so very professional and knowing that they were fighting for me helped make a difficult process so much easier. Barbara is really good at what she does, and I actually enjoyed sitting back and "watching" as she deposed my ex-husband. Barbara's paralegals, Tracie and Jennifer, were great to work with on a daily basis and I knew I could call on them whenever I had questions or concerns. They were able to talk me through things and help me better understand the process. The results in my case were in my daughter's best interests, and that was a WIN for me!"

Bill Ulseth, CPA

Cobb County Government Finance Department

I thought Barbara and her staff were thoroughly professional, and congenial at the same time. I sincerely appreciated their promptness in handling my questions, filing pleadings, and working with my Wife and me. It definitely made a tragic matter more bearable. I would highly recommend her services."

Trevor Hymel

Restaurant Manager

After previously achieving successful results in my divorce, I called upon Ms. Keon's skill for a subsequent post-divorce custody modification battle. Barbara proved herself invaluable again. She helped me be awarded sole custody of my two young sons. Her understanding of family law and her ability to guide her clients through it are incredible. I certainly recommend Ms. Keon as counsel to anyone finding themselves in the less than desirable position of a divorce or custody suit."

Timothy Hoffecker

Inventory Manager, The Home Depot

I am a father of three young children and am at a loss how to sufficiently thank Barbara Keon and her amazing staff for successfully guiding me through a very difficult divorce and custody case. She is a scrupulously honest lawyer with vast child custody experience, formidable knowledge of the law, a five-star staff, and tireless dedication. Ms. Keon and her outstanding staff returned my calls and emails quickly, strategically organized my voluminous evidence, and offered invaluable legal direction. All legal documents were error-free and meticulously framed. Always better prepared than the opposition, Ms. Keon’s confident, firm manner protected me, but more importantly, protected my children. I now have primary physical and legal custody of all three children and received the marital home. I will be forever grateful."

Jeff Matthews

Business Analyst, ARRIS Group Inc.

My ex-wife filed for a 50% increase in child support. When Barbara learned that both of my daughters were living with me half the time, she immediately advised me to file a petition to modify our custody arrangement and to seek a decrease in my child support obligation. She told me I should only be paying half of my daughters' medical insurance, splitting out-of-pocket medical expenses, and splitting school registration costs. The end result of my case was exactly as Barbara had said. I ended up with joint custody of my two daughters, and my ex-wife ended up with a 70% reduction in the amount of child support she was receiving. In such a difficult time as a divorce or modification action, I highly recommend Keon Family Law. Barbara Keon is professional, aggressive, firm, and fair. I can’t say enough about Barbara’s staff, too. Tracie and Jennifer are awesome!"

(Name withheld at Client's request)

Business Development Associate

As a former stay-at-home mom with an unfaithful husband, Barbara Keon was exactly what I needed to ensure my children were well cared for. She made adjustments to my proposed custody plans that were tough, but made sense. You don't think of all the scenarios when you are emotionally and physically drained from preparing for a divorce and caring for your children. Barbara added a layer of straight talk that directed me to keep my emotions out of it and be the dependable parent that my children needed. I am so grateful that I didn't go with my original custody plan."

Dr. Kate Embry


Barbara Keon represented me in my divorce. Throughout this long process, she remained extremely professional and caring. Barbara knew every small detail of my case, knew the laws that applied to my case, and was always very well prepared. She is talented, experienced, and practices with high integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a talented, smart, assertive attorney. I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Barbara Keon and her staff."

Jenna Mummaw

Sr. Manager, Delivery Operations, iVision, Inc.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Barbara and her staff, Tracie and Jennifer. Justice prevailed when legitimation was denied and parental rights were terminated. Barbara was very direct and honest, telling me the truth about my case, good and bad. She tells you how it is and tells you what needs to be done to get the outcome you are hoping for. During the court hearing she was aggressive and far more prepared that the opposing attorney. Throughout the process Barbara and her legal team were very thorough and detailed oriented, while updating me every step of the way and responding to my emails/calls right away. I highly recommend her!"

Carol McMahon

Compliance Officer, Emory University

I am very glad that I had Barbara Keon handle my divorce. She is rock solid -- smart, professional, and unflappable. Her legal assistants, Tracie and Jennifer, are exceptional, and together they make an outstanding team!"

Mike McLaughlin, DVM

Owner, Animal Medical Center of Cumming

I have known Barbara Keon professionally for nearly 20 years. In that time, she has assisted me with a variety of family law matters. She has always shown the utmost professionalism and has been a tireless asset to my cases. She not only receives my recommendation, but also my highest recommendation for a family attorney. I would be more than happy to personally discuss my endorsement of Ms. Keon's performance with anyone interested."

Charles Urschel Slick

Partner, Slick Officer Partners LLC

Barbara Keon and her staff were extremely professional and competent in handling my divorce. She was always well-prepared and responsive, and her calm demeanor made a difficult process more bearable. I recommend her highly to anyone needing legal representation in a divorce case."

Mark Hallman

Realtor, Strom Thurman Realty Partners

Divorce is never easy. Barbara, Tracie, and Jennifer are not only professional and knowledgeable, but also extremely understanding and caring. The experience this firm has is what you need during a divorce. Barbara is great because she does not merely tell you what you want to hear; she consults as to what is best for you long-term."

Anderson Lee Howard, III

Retired Systems Analyst, Southern Company Services

After almost 10 years of separation and believing that divorce would have been too financially devastating to allow me to retire, I made the decision to retain Barbara Keon. With her support and the tremendous support from her staff, we were able to settle the case. As a result, I was able to retire several months thereafter, feeling financially secure. Barbara and her staff made possible what I thought impossible."

Andrei Csipkes

President & CEO, Technica Optical Components, LLC

Barbara Keon has assisted me with an important family related legal matter. She was always prompt, effective, and well prepared. She brings honor to the legal profession. I offer my highest recommendation for her firm and her professional service."

John Cardosa

Retired Civil Engineer

First, I appreciate not just the legal representation, but also your insights during this protracted proceeding. I was frustrated at times, but your legal and moral support was appreciated. And I am totally impressed with the talent you have working for you. Tracie in particular and Jennifer offered many keen insights during mediation."

Eric Spiewak

Director of Construction, Spandrel Development Partners

My experience with Keon Family Law with my divorce yielded professional advice on how to best address an otherwise very difficult time. I appreciate the patience shown to me with all the questions one has that has never experienced a divorce."

Mary Battle

Mother and Wife

Barbara Keon and her team were incredible during my divorce. It was complicated and drawn out. I didn’t take the traditional route, but Barbara was supportive and listened to how I wanted to handle things. I always knew she had my back. I cannot say enough positive things about Barbara and her team!"

Trevor Hymel

Restaurant Manager

Ms. Keon and her staff have been amazing through my divorce and subsequent post-divorce custody hearings. They navigated through negotiations and resolved the case yet again in my favor for more than what I was expecting. Going through a divorce or custody battle is never comfortable, but having this supportive team behind me made it less stressful."

Kelly Conn

Bookkeeper, Salus Consulting, P.C.

Barbara came highly recommended to me amidst an extremely stressful time in my life. She remained calm, cool, and collected through every step of the process. She offered expert advice and guidance, and I couldn’t imagine a better outcome to my situation. She was every bit the professional, and I’m confident you won’t find a more dedicated and caring attorney for your family."